We have, as most of you are already aware, made the decision to pause our fitting schedule at the moment due to these unprecedented times.
The only exception to that, is our unique conservatory roof upgrades as the work involved would always be at safe distance I.e outside on the roof and inside with conservatory interior doors shut.
We can quote for ALL your work at safe distance at your home still or alternatively via email, Facebook messenger and indeed text message if required.
Also we can quote based on Google earth images, if the elevation you'd like to work on is visible online.

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Durable and Secure Composite Doors Available

in Cheshire

Choose from our wide range of secure, quality, and durable composite front doors. With a comprehensive range of brands to choose from including Endurance whose doors are an impressive 10% thicker than other options available on the market, we help you to choose the right option for your needs and budget. Contact our dedicated team in Cheadle, Cheshire, today to discuss our range of doors in detail.

Composite Doors

Providing unrivalled levels of strength, security, and style, our composite doors are an advantageous choice for nearly all properties. Some of the range are 48mm thick and are cross-bonded.

Our Endurance Composite doors are nearly 10% thicker than other composite doors available on the market, thus giving you peace of mind that your property is secure. You can choose from an assortment of designs and colours for your composite door which allows you to personalise it to suit your preferences. There is also an array of door furniture and glazing options for you to pick from too!

Endurance Composite Doors

Known for their strength and security, Endurance Composite doors are hugely popular with homeowners throughout the UK. Moreover, our 48mm thick cross-bonded veneered laminated composite doors provide strength, dimensional stability, and are an advantageous choice for any domestic property.

Solid Timber Core

Endurance doors are created from 17 engineered timber laminates. Furthermore, Kerto is laminated veneered lumber (LVL), and it is this material that makes our composite doors secure.

Martdoor Range

All doors from this range come as standard with stainless steel hardware, and a 3-star high-quality barrel which is installed with a Rustique 5-chamber Halo by Veka outer frame.

Decorative Glazing

All our decorative glass panels are triple glazed other than the Orchis and Vario designs which are double glazed.

The ‘Martdoor’ designs include the Duello, Vogue, Charm, Quantum, Valera, Anito, Ossicle, Trista and Helia which feature zinc camed triple glazing. You can identify these by the use of ‘zinc’ stated on the labels. These glass options have cut glass bevels, a soldered zinc-lead effect (caming), and a variety of contrasting backing textures that provide obscurity.

Pattern Glass Options

Pattern glass units are an excellent alternative to decorative glass.

High-Security Cylinder

This type of cylinder is used to prevent a burglar from breaking a key cylinder to gain access to a property. They boast an anti-pick, anti-bump, and sacrificial snap. By upgrading the cylinder on your door, you are given greater peace of mind that your property is secure and intruders cannot gain access as easily as they would be able to without it.

Wide Colour Range

Pick from a choice of 16 colours for your modern Endurance door. Moreover, there is also the option to choose an alternative colour for the internal leaf. Usually, our customers choose a white internal finish, but there is a range of colours available, so the decision is entirely yours.

Plus, for added convenience, we also provide a choice of matching door frames for the majority of door colours we offer.

ClimaGuard® A+

Reduce your heating bills with ClimaGuard® A+. Through the efficient utilisation of free solar energy, ClimaGuard® A+ allows solar heat to pass through the glazing which is then retained within the building by the low emissivity coated glass.

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